Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Turning Data into an Actionable Asset

Data is one of the most important assets to any organization but unfortunately, many organizations struggle to effectively leverage their data and turn it into an actionable asset. Appsential offers a proven approach to identifying and translating the stream of disconnected data into concise, actionable insights that can be analyzed to help an organization set and meet its goals and mission. Appsential’s Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics methodology enables customers to address their complete information lifecycle in the context of their operations and the way they do business to achieve desired goals and mission objectives.

Appsential works with organizations to identify, extract and transform data from a variety of information sources in the information lifecycle, including Financial, Procurement, ERP, CRM, and Data marts as well as unstructured sources like content management tools, portals, documents and XML.

Appsential has multiple accelerators and solutions for Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. Some of these accelerators are:

1. Federal Government Financial and Procurement KPIs

2. Master Data Management and Governance Framework

3. Integrating and Transforming Data from Oracle E-Business suite

4. Integrating and Transforming Data from Compusearch PRISM

5. Integrating and Transforming Data from Hyperion Budgeting software

How can Appsential drive your organization’s performance to the next level? 

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