Federal Financial Management

Automate. Improve. Integrate.

When you require expert support to automate and improve existing financial management processes, and to integrate financial and budgeting systems with other systems, Appsential is your partner.

We help your organization automate, standardize and integrate financial processes to reduce costs and manage risks. With proven experience supporting resource and financial system management and accounting operations in Government organizations, Appsential delivers critical visibility into key financial processes for enhanced decision making, increased efficiency, and improved data reliability across multiple platforms.

Our budgeting, accounting, and financial management and reporting professionals have real-world experience across the Oracle EBS suite.

  • Federal budgeting, accounting, and financial practices
  • Budget formulation, justification, allocation, and tracking methods
  • Fully integrated reporting from multiple platforms and data sets
  • Resolving / implementing audit findings
  • Gap analysis of federal government requirements

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